Friday, July 27, 2012

The Realist

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the way people view the world.  To me, there are three types of people:  optimists (that always see the UP side to any situation), pessimists (who, regardless of the situation, sees something VERY wrong with it), and realists (people who always see both sides of the coin and don’t complain about it – just accepts it as it is).  I’m a realist.. no two ways about it.  I have quite a few “bad” things going on in my life at any given time (health things, relationship – or lack of relationship – issues, financial stress, etc. etc).  People are continuously telling me how “upbeat” I am, now “strong” I am, or how “optimistic” I seem in face of such adversity. 

The truth of the matter is simple, I’m not an optimist; I’m a realist.  I accept the truths that are handed to me and make the best out of them.  For example, I’ve made a major decision recently regarding my health – the truth of the matter is; neither option was all that appealing.  However, the decision was mine to make and I had to make it – there was no getting out of it.  This decision has pretty much put me in the category of “kidney dialysis patient for life”.   I’ll admit, I’m not happy about the news, but I feel like it was the right decision.   This is a new reality for me, a fact of my existence.   It is NOT a reason for me to complain about the hand I’ve been dealt, bitch about how painful dialysis is, how it constantly makes.. blah blah blah.   No sense in doing that.  I’ll find the perks (cute technicians at the dialysis center!) where I can and make the most out of the situation.  I get to meet people that motivate and inspire me, I get the opportunity to inspire others, and at times I get the opportunity to counsel people who don’t have anyone else to talk to. 

This is what makes me a realist.  I realize the truths in my life, and while some of them can be changed (and those that I don’t like that can be changed get worked on regularly so I can improve my existence) and some cannot be changed.  I accept them and take each one as an opportunity to learn more about myself, inspire others, and hopefully (in some cases) help make the same journey for other people less painful. 
It’s not to say that the “realist” doesn’t have their moments of weakness.  Hell, we all do, right?  I have had more than my fair share recently; but the good thing about being a realist is easy to recognize.  Once you have enough “practice” at being a realist; life’s truths don’t hurt as much.  The main reason is doesn’t hurt as much is because when you find a truth in life, it doesn’t take the realist by surprise.  We are basically “expecting it”.   It’s not a negative way of looking at things, or living, it’s just these easy to identify truths are based on personal experience and patterns in your life.   We are most hurt by the truths that take us by surprise .. so the less the surprise, the less it hurts.   I have no idea if this concept makes any sense to you, lovely reader, but I hope it does; even a little bit. 

So, I think that’s about it for today – I could go on but I’m not sure elaborating will help either one of us. 
Much love to you … you’re the ones that make me smile  <3

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