Monday, May 2, 2011

Adelle the Angel Haired Kitchen Fairy

Adelle slowly opened the door and peeked out into the vast space. The lights were down low, and there was no noise anywhere. Must be night time - her favorite time of the day (or is that night?). At night she could roam free, causing whatever mischief she desired.

The Humans didn't know she actually existed, even though she left her signature everywhere. A half eaten cookie on the counter? Blamed on the daughter. Cat food scattered on the floor? The work of an ambitious and hyper cat. Even the pot holder hanging out of the drawer was blamed on a lazy cook or one who was in too much of a hurry to put it away properly.

As Adelle roamed around the kitchen, she caught a glimpse of herself in the side of the stock pot. Her hair is getting much longer, and her bright green eyes were gleaming with the thought of causing some more small kitchen trouble.

She meandered around the kitchen and realized that today was the perfect day to celebrate her beautiful hair .. and to remind the Humans with whom she dwelled with that she's here, and she is the beautiful Angel-Haired Kitchen Fairy. The best way to do that? With the Angel Hair pasta in the cupboard, of course. She fiddled most of the night to make things just right, ensuring that her plan would be executed perfectly. As she finished up, the sun was just spilling over the horizon; all she could do was wait.

Later that day, the Adult Human began preparing the evening meal. Little did the Adult Human know that she was soon in for a kitchen fairy reminder. As the Adult Human continued the meal preparation, Adelle sat back and prepared for the show. The Human did exactly what was expected, and opened the kitchen cupboard. As she reached for the pasta .. the box tipped just perfectly, and every piece of Angel Hair Pasta poured down in a waterfall onto the Human's head. Adelle giggled and giggled, nearly falling off her perch atop the cabinets. The Human, and her two younglings laughed and giggled right along with her; celebrating the joy of the spontaneousness mess.

The picture above is the wonderful noodle art created by Adelle and her actions .. and the mess that I was tasked with cleaning up during dinner last week. Yeap, I was the Adult Human that Adelle graced with her friendly and exciting presence.


Be at peace with yourself and you'll be at peace with the world

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